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Project Management

projectmanagementS2 Automation brings a proven experience regarding factory automation project management.

We have wide experince in supplier & end-user support model , high-tech solutions implementation, and industry leadership knowledge.

Value-Driven Solutions – Professional Services & Advanced Products – Tailored to needs
Flexibility & Innovation – Organizational structure (dept/focus, global), capabilities, expertise
We provide value-driven solutions: Professional services & advanced products – Tailored to your specific needs, as well as flexibility & innovation. We know how to work in a global environment and we are always result oriented weather it is in department focus or global focus.
Our project management service is divided to three major sections:
planning, implementation and support.


S2 Automation planning step includes implementation projects, support program and performance management. We are always taking into account your equipment layout mapping, motion/control systems, and pre-planned equipment upgrades/replacements, so your project plan will be accurate and include all dependencies, and potential risks.



This step includes executing the project tasks according to its schedule. If some tasks require equipment changes - receipt, assembly and qualification are always done according to safety/operation criteria.
We always make sure that the actions are done in the highest quality level and according to timelines.


When the project is done, we examine the outcome and verify that the project's goals were achieved.