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Automated storage and handling system service Engineer –Job Description
Install, modify, repair and perform preventive maintenance on PRI’s equipment/robotics, mechanically and software wise.
Work with AMHS software applications during troubleshooting and analysis
Prepare report’s quire and define troubleshooting steps, present logs and reports of work performed.
Commitment at all times to safety, cleanliness, and working according protocol policies to maintain a safe and clean work environment.
Attain Level 3 Equipment Certification on specified equipment.
Complete SARs (Service Activity Reports), project plans and other documentation as required timely and accurately.
Participate in continuous improvement projects and programs.
React to change productively and perform other duties as assigned which includes carrying a paging device.
Ability to be assigned to a specific shift’s needs in a flexible scheduling environment which includes holidays, night shift, weekends in an individual or team basis, with availability for on-call assignments as required.
Ability to travel for training of  ~ 1 month
Participate in-group operational/status meetings.
Preferred Level 3 Equipment clean room techs (B.SC/ practical Eng - Background in electronics, mechanical or robotics, knowledge in computers. Proven independency and project leading capabilities
Preferred 5 years electrical/electronics or electromechanical experience and strong troubleshooting skills experience to component level and applications.  A plus is robotics knowledge
Two years commitment to the position.
Must possess excellent communication skills and interface effectively with customers and peers.
Requires excellent systematic troubleshooting skills utilizing a structured and comprehensive process to determine the root cause of an outage with ability to handle problems independently and in teamwork.
Be able to train personnel in equipment operation and maintenance procedures.
Must be able to perform physical work, climb a ladder.
Shifts work in a Clean Room environment wearing a full clean room suit according to requirements.
Must be able to work in awkward positions in tight spaces.
Must be able to document and write procedures
Good English skills – reading, writing and speaking

No vacancies currently for this region. Please check back again in the future